A Few Words About Us

The cattle business is a dynamic global industry.

Every decision is critical in today's beef economy. One of our most important decisions as cattlemen concerns the breeds we utilize and the potential profit that the breed can produce for our bottom line.

At TRIO Cattle & Genetics, Red and Black Brangus have delivered the genetics that create markets and add value to our program. We know our Brangus cattle will deliver the same to our customers.

We dedicate a lot of time trying to figure out how to breed better cattle for our customers.

We spend time studying bloodlines and EPD information; and then planning matings that we believe will optimize the genetic potential of our donors and sires. We emphasize economically important traits of performance and efficiency in a phenotypi ally desirable package.

TRIO Cattle & Genetics is a partnership dedicated to the breeding and promotion of superior cattle.

This foundation extends to our business philosophy and our approach with our clients and partners. When you select semen from our herd sires, embryos from one of the TRIO donors or an individual animal, you can be confident that you now have a partner vested in your success.